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ACSM's health-related physical fitness assessment manual
Author(s) : American College of Sports Medicine ; Edited by Gary Liguori
Publisher(s) : Wolters Kluwer
Year of publication : 2018
Call number : GV436 .A35 2018
Subject : Physical fitness--Testing.
The book is an authoritative manual provides a comprehensive overview of why and how to perform assessments of the five health-related components of physical fitness, namely body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory fitness. This new edition has been fully updated to reflect key changes from the tenth edition of the ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription.
Assessments for sport and athletic performance
Author(s) : David H. Fukuda
Publisher(s) : Human Kinetics
Year of publication : 2019
Call number : GV436.5 .F84 2019
Subject : Athletic ability--Testing.
This book is a streamlined guide through the process of identifying appropriate tests for individuals or teams, making use of common low-cost equipment to administer the tests, interpreting data, adjusting training programs based on the results, and continually monitoring training. By performing the tests, the following areas of athletes can be assessed: anthropometrics and body composition, flexibility and balance, agility and sprinting, power, muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, external and internal training load, and perceptual well-being and physical readiness.
Coaching athletes to be their best : motivational interviewing in sports
Author(s) : Stephen Rollnick, Jonathan Fader, Jeff Breckon, Theresa B. Moyers
Publisher(s) : The Guilford Press
Year of publication : 2019
Call number : GV711 .R65 2019
Subject : Coaching (Athletics)
This is a guide to motivational interviewing (MI)--the proven approach to harnessing the power of conversations to build relationships and trust--for coaches, sport psychologists, training and rehabilitation specialists, and other affiliated staff. Revealing why conventional ways of giving feedback and addressing conflict are often counterproductive, the book presents tried-and-tested methods for getting through to athletes and helping them to thrive. The authors provide effective strategies to fire up motivation, promote ownership of personal goals, address problem behavior on and off the field, enhance performance, and improve teamwork.
Mindfulness and acceptance in sport : how to help athletes perform and thrive under pressure
Author(s) : Edited by Kristoffer Henriksen, Jakob Hansen and Carsten Hvid Larsen
Publisher(s) : Routledge
Year of publication : 2020
Call number : GV706.4 .M56 2020
Subject : Sports--Psychological aspects.
Mindfulness- and acceptance-based approaches, or third wave, cognitive behavioral approaches in sport psychology highlight that thought suppression and control techniques can trigger a metacognitive scanning process, and that excessive cognitive activity and task-irrelevant focus (self-focused attention such as trying to change thoughts) disrupts performance. Using this perspective, the aim of sport psychology interventions suggests that sport psychology practitioners should work to increase athletes’ willingness to accept negative thoughts and emotions in pursuit of valued ends.
Physiotherapy in mental health and psychiatry : a scientific and clinical based approach
Author(s) : Edited by Michel Probst, Liv Helvik Skjaerven
Publisher(s) : Elsevier
Year of publication : 2018
Call number : RC482 .P49 2018
Subject : Mental illness--Treatment.
Grounded in theory and clinical practice, it covers a range of widely-used evaluation tools and treatment methods for specific syndromes and pathologies which will help physiotherapists to signpost and identify the care needs of their patients within both individual and group therapeutic settings. Case studies ensure that the theory discussed is applied to various practical scenarios after which reflective exercises are used to reinforce learning and understanding.
Science and practice of strength training
Science and practice of strength training
Author(s) : Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
Publisher(s) : Human Kinetics
Year of publication : 2021
Call number : GV711.5 .Z38 2021
Subject : Physical education and training.
This book addresses the complexity of strength training programs while providing straightforward approaches to take under specific circumstances. Those approaches are backed with physiological concepts, ensuring readers gain a full understanding of science behind the practice of strength training. Three new chapters on velocity in the weight room, overtraining and recovery, and monitoring athletes in the weight room. In addition, readers will find examples of strength training programs that demonstrate the principles and concepts explained throughout the book.
The science of figure skating
The science of figure skating
Author(s) : Edited by Jason D. Vescovi and Jaci L. VanHeest
Publisher(s) : Routledge
Year of publication : 2018
Call number : GV850.4 .S35 2018
Subject : Figure skating.
The book provides an evidence-based and comprehensive reference, which covers key topics of health, training and high performance in figure skating, including physiological demands, nutrition and hydration, training methods, psychology and mental performance, Novel issues relating to performance such as travel and jet lag, and technological innovation. It is a resource on integrating sport science concepts into training and performance.
The science of swimming and aquatic activities
Author(s) : Edited by Ricardo J. Fernandes
Publisher(s) : Nova Science Publishers
Year of publication : 2018
Call number : GV837 .S35 2018
Subject : Swimming--Training.
The book provides an inclusive overview of the sport of swimming, with approaches from physiology, biochemistry, immunology, biomechanics, pedagogy, didactics and history. The seventeen chapters focus on energetics and technical evaluation of swimming and starting techniques, but the importance of water adaptation and competence, drowning prevention and lifesaving is also emphasised.
Sport industry research and analysis : an informed approach to decision making 
Author(s) : David A. Tobar and Jacquelyn Cuneen
Publisher(s) : Routledge
Year of publication : 2020
Call number : GV713 .T63 2020
Subject : Sports administration--Research--Methodology.
Sport industry research and analysis describes the research process, from identifying a research question to analysing data, and uses real world scenarios to help industry professionals understand how to conduct research and apply the results in their wider work. It explains how to use Excel and SPSS for every key statistic and statistical technique, with screenshots illustrating every step and additional scenarios providing further context. This edition includes expanded sections on conducting a literature review and research ethics, and ancillary materials for instructors including slides, test questions, data files, answer sheets, and videos.
Sports analytics : analysis, visualisation and decision making in sports performance
Author(s) : Ambikesh Jayal, Allistair McRobert, Giles Oatley and Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher(s) : Routledge
Year of publication : 2018
Call number : GV741 .S66 2018
Subject : Sports--Statistical methods.
The book provides a guide to the use of analytics in sport and its application in sports performance, coaching, talent identification and sports medicine available. Employing an approach-based structure and integrating problem-based learning throughout the text, the book defines the difference between analytics and analysis and goes on to explain and illustrate methods including interactive visualization,  simulation and modelling, geospatial data analysis, spatiotemporal analysis, machine learning, genomic data analysis, and social network analysis
Ultimate performance analysis tool (uPATO) : implementation of network measures based on adjacency matrices for team sports
Author(s) : Edited by Frutuoso G. M. Silva, Quoc Trong Nguyen, Acacio F.P.P. Correia, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fernando Manuel Lourenco Martins
Publisher(s) : Springer
Year of publication : 2019
Call number : GV706.8 .U48 2019
Subject : Team sports.
This book introduces the ultimate performance analysis tool (uPATO) as a new software to compute social network metrics in the scope of team sports analysis. The reader will identify the algorithms to test the general properties of the team, the co-dependencies and the centrality levels of players, i.e. to evaluate the individual, sub-group, and team performance analysis. As uPATO tool implements the metrics for all options, namely for unweighted graphs, weighted graphs, unweighted digraphs and weighted digraphs, it is also useful for network analysis into other areas beyond team sports. The book assists the reader to compute the metrics and to use it in different scenarios.
Author(s) : 彭沖
Publisher(s) : 南華體育會
Year of publication : 2019
Call number : GV652.5.H64 P46 2019
Subject : Sports--China--Hong Kong--History.

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