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HKSI Integrated Athlete Education Initiatives


The Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI), as the Government’s elite sports training delivery agent, has been championing the whole-person development of elite athletes and recognizing the need of enhanced education support for them to dedicate themselves to an elite training lifestyle for pursuing excellence in the international sporting arena.

Based on this mission and vision, one of the HKSI’s 2011-2015 Strategic Directions is the enhancement of elite athlete lifestyle support systems.  A prime element of this dimension is the facilitation of integrated education opportunities for athletes to allow them to train as full-time professionals, without sacrificing their educational development (“dual career model”).  To this end, HKSI invited secondary schools to establish the “Elite Athlete-friendly School Network” in 2014 and collaborated with two schools/education institutions in 2015 to provide secondary education opportunities for elite athletes to facilitate their dual career development pathway under the “Partnership School Programme”.

Elite Athlete-friendly School Network

  • The HKSI has set up the Elite Athlete-friendly School Network in June 2014, to encourage Hong Kong secondary schools to provide enhanced support for talented athletes to pursue their sporting achievements while sustaining their academic goals.
  • Under the Network, the schools will provide enhanced education support for the student-athletes including extra tutorials, make-up classes and flexible arrangements on study timetable, leave arrangements, examination schedules and other measures where appropriate.  A total of 27 schools have enrolled in the Network to date (Network School list at appendix).
  • We welcome more schools to join the Network to provide flexible and enhanced education support for elite athletes.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Lam on 2681 6173 or ​

Partnership School Programme

  • In order to facilitate and further sustain the dual career pathway development of the elite athletes, the HKSI has worked with two schools/education institutions from the Network to develop deeper collaborative partnership in order to provide tailor-made and highly integrated secondary education curriculum for athlete students, which would address the issues on time-tabling, extension of years of learning, as well as other educational supports based on individual athletes’ needs.
  • The HKSI will provide the following support to the Partnership Schools:
    • Minimum partnership period: 3 years
    • Full-time athlete scholarship status will be granted to the students under the Partnership Schools Programme
    • The athletes will be eligible to live in the HKSI Athletes Hostel
    • School fee subsidy will be provided to the athletes
    • Enhanced tutorial services at the HKSI to support learning progress in addition to the Partnership School’s support
    • Transportation support will be provided to and from the Partnership Schools
    • Regular liaison with the Partnership Schools by a designated HKSI staff member to follow individual athletes’ study progress and their education needs, and update schools on their elite training programmes
  • In June and July 2015, the HKSI signed a MOU with the English Schools Foundation and Lam Tai Fai College to work as Partnership Schools.  They will provide an integrated and flexible education programme to cater for full-time athletes’ study need at the senior secondary level.  The programme has started in August/September 2015.

The HKSI, as the Government’s elite sports training delivery agent, attaches great importance to the provision of comprehensive support in promoting the holistic development and well-being of athletes.  The HKSI has different schemes tailored to cater for their educational, personal, and social development needs and with these models and practices in full operation, it is believed that athletes can be trained on full-time and succeed at the highest level, without sacrificing their academic, personal, social and career sustainable development.

Secondary Schools under the Elite Athlete-friendly School Network

(as of September 2015, in alphabetical order)

Network School

  1. Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
  2. Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College
  3. Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School
  4. Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College
  5. Diocesan Girls’ School
  6. Discovery College
  7. Fung Kai no. 1 Secondary School
  8. Heep Yunn School
  9. Ho Yu College and Primary School
  10. Island School
  11. Jockey Club Ti-I College
  12. King George V School
  13. La Salle College
  14. Lam Tai Fai College
  15. Lock Tao Secondary School
  16. Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College
  17. Pui Ching Middle School
  18. Pui Tak Canossian College
  19. Renaissance College
  20. Sha Tin College
  21. South Island School
  22. St Clare's Girls School
  23. St Stephen's College
  24. Tin Shui Wai Methodist College
  25. T.W.G.Hs Wong Fung Ling College
  26. West Island School
  27. Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School