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Subvention to NSAs

All National Sports Assocations (NSAs) participating in the Coach Education Programme are eligible to apply for subvention funding for coach education activities and the Thanks Coach Scheme.

NSAs fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to apply for grants form the HKCC:

  1. non-profit making and registered under the Societies or Companies Ordinance;
  2. established a proper constitution;
  3. has been operated for at least three years;
  4. affiliated to the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China; and
  5. has a Coaching Director or other designated officer who is able to assist in the development and implementation of the Coach Education Programmes.

Interested NSAs need to send in a written application and a coach education plan for the coming two years to CED.

Subvention for all coach education activities can be up to 100% of expenses, minus any income earned from entry fees or sponsorship. The total amount of subvention for coach education activities for any NSA is specified at the beginning of each financial year.

If there is sufficient money left unspent, NSAs may apply for additional funding from the reserve after they have exhausted the amount allocated to them.

Subvention for the coach recognition scheme is also up to 100% of expenses.

Eligible Activities

  1. Coach Education Programme
    Coaching courses, seminars and workshops are eligible activities and may include the followings:
    1. Coach Accreditation Programme
      • Pre-level 1 Sport-specific Course
      • Level 1, 2 and 3 Sport-specific Course (either conducted by local or overseas coach educator/tutor)
    2. Continuing Coach Education Programme
      • Local Sport-specific coaching course/seminar
      • Coaches attending overseas coaching course/seminar
    3. Special Projects
      • Preparation and production of coaching materials
  2. Thanks Coach Scheme (TCS)
    NSAs may apply for subvention (with the maximum amount of HK$10,000) for awards given to coaches in the NSAs' Thanks Coach Scheme and the Scheme's related administrative expenses.


NSAs should submit an application (Form 3) for subvention, together with a detailed breakdown of all eligible items of expenditure concerned at least two weeks before the event starts.

All applications for funds will be processed three months in advance of the event at the earliest and the related application has to be submitted to the CED prior to the event starts.

Application(s) will not be processed under the following circumstances: 1) the NSA is suspended due to late submission of outstanding evaluation reports/statements of accounts with relevant documents/refunds; and/or 2) incomplete application. The NSA can re-submit the application for funding after clearing all outstanding documents/refunds.

Application forms (in PDF):