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Scientific Conditioning Centre

The Scientific Conditioning Centre works closely with the Sports Medicine Centre and other centres within the Elite Science & Technology Division such as psychology, nutrition and biomechanics to develop and implement science-based strength and conditioning programmes designed to optimise athletes’ performance by improving their cardiovascular system, power, strength, speed, agility, and mobility, thus enabling them to perform to their fullest potential.

This is achieved through the use of scientific tests, such as assessment of blood lactate, other blood chemistry, strength, and other technology based test that physiologists use in both the laboratory and the field to design and monitor training to bridge the gap between training theory and applied training.

This ensures effective periodisation, prescription of training load and intensity and adequate rest, which maximises the desired physical outcomes. Strength and Conditioning Coaches work closely with Sports Specific Coaches and Athletes developing conditioning programmes and coaching exercise technique. Programmes are designed for both elite and junior Scholarship Athletes, based on the specific requirements of the sport and the needs of the individual athlete.

In addition to physiological testing, monitoring and strength and conditioning services; the scientific conditioning centre uses its talent identification programmes in partnership with national sporting associations to verify potential talent, monitor progress and assist in the long term athlete development pathway for athletes.