Innovative Technologies in Elite Sport & Application of Sports Science Technology to Enhance Sports Performance [ Part 5 ]
12 March 2019

Athletes always push themselves to be succeed. Modern technology, especially in data collection, processing and visualization, may facilitate the involvement about scientific approach in elite sport training. The Sport Biomechanics and Technology Centre of the Hong Kong Sports Institute has been working closely with athletes, coaches as well as sports scientists in acquiring timely and accurate sports performance data, and help them achieve an excellent performance. The speaker will briefly introduce the sports technology services in HKSI, review a number of recent applications and explore the future opportunities of the service.

Athletes and coaches always interest to understand their strength and weakness in order to improve performance. There are many reason of the physiological limitation such as cardiovascular, ventilation and muscle oxygenation abilities. A comprehensive scientific testing and training monitoring is one way to find each individual athlete’ specific limitation. With the combination of updated technology, we can understand any physiological, mechanical, and psychological or other sports science area that have to improve for the specific athlete. This presentation aims to update current testing service we provided and highlight some cases examples to the coaches and explore any future opportunities of the sports specific testing and training services to the coaches.