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  1. To provide an environment in which talented Hong Kong sportsmen and sportswomen have the opportunity to achieve at the highest level in sport and advancement in sports education. 
  2. To be a delivery agent in the provision of high performance sport for talented sportsmen and sportswomen in Hong Kong, under the policy direction of the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, enabling them to achieve international success so as to enhance the reputation of Hong Kong and benefit the community of Hong Kong. 
  3. To formulate and prepare schemes for and establish and take all necessary steps for the promotion, maintenance, improvement and advancement of the interest of the public in Hong Kong and elsewhere in elite sports and various related forms. 
  4. To work closely with the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and national sports associations or other organizations of similar nature in the education, training and developing of Hong Kong talented sportsmen and sportswomen to achieve success in major games and international sporting events. 
  5. To work closely with the national sports associations and other bodies in the identification of talents for elite sports training. 
  6. To co-operate with different sectors of the community, education and sports training institutions, both local and in other places, in the delivery of elite sports training programmes. 
  7. To assist athletes under training in the Institute in their education and vocational training and their longer term personal and career development. 
  8. To provide sports science and sports medicine services to elite athletes and coaches, catering for the needs of the athletes undergoing their sports training programmes. 
  9. To facilitate and sponsor elite sport-related research and studies; and to educate, disseminate knowledge and advice on these matters to the sports community for the enhancement of high performance sport. 
  10. To provide sports information service to meet the needs of athletes, coaches, national sports associations, physical education specialists and sports science and sports medicine professionals.
  11. To provide coach education and development, coach accreditation and coach registration. 
  12. To promote the exchange of information, experience, international understanding and goodwill in elite sport education and training.