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Development Programme for Team Sports

In order to enhance the development of team sports, the HKSAR Government has launched the “Development Programme for Team Sports” (the Programme) in January 2018. The HKSI has been appointed as the delivery agent to provide administrative support and professional advice for the Programme, which covers eight team sports with team size of five or more featuring in the Asian Games, namely baseball (men), basketball, football (women), handball, hockey, softball (women), volleyball and water polo.

The Programme provides additional funding to the eight relevant National Sports Associations (NSAs) to formulate and implement training programmes for Hong Kong to compete in the Asian Games. It also provides financial support to over 200 members of the Hong Kong teams. The aim of the Programme is to enhance the performance of team sports progressively and increase their chances of attaining elite sports status in future.

The Programme

Under the Programme, the relevant NSAs are required to submit an annual training plan. From 2021 onwards, each representative team will receive funding up to HK$805,000 per year according to the number of team members allowed to register in the Asian Games.  The funding is to support programme and training expenses such as employment of coach, procurement of sports and training equipment and overseas training/competitions.  Apart from the above funding support, members of Hong Kong team would receive a monthly allowance of HK$4,000 if they meet the training requirement.


The list of National Sports Associations:

Baseball – The Baseball Association of Hong Kong, China

Basketball – Hong Kong Basketball Association

Football – Hong Kong Football Association

Handball – Handball Association of Hong Kong, China

Hockey – Hong Kong Hockey Association

Softball – Hong Kong Softball Association

Volleyball – Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China

Water Polo – Hong Kong China Swimming Association