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HKSI Hosts Annual Congress of the Association of Sports Institutes in Asia (ASIA) for Exchange on Elite Training Support

18 March 2023

Mr Tony Choi MH, Acting Chief Executive of the HKSI (6th from front row right) took a group photo with members of the Executive Committee of the Association of Sports Institute in Asia (ASIA) and speakers of the 6th ASIA Congress. Read More

Over 130 speakers, participants and stakeholders from different Asian countries and regions joined the 6th ASIA Congress. Read More

Overseas participants of the 6th ASIA Congress exchanged views on the recent development in sports. Read More

Overseas participants of the 6th ASIA Congress visited the Scientific Conditioning Centre of the HKSI. Read More

The HKSI sport scientist introduced the latest technology in the Sport Biomechanics & Technology Centre of the HKSI to overseas participants. Read More

Hosted by the HKSI, the 6th ASIA Congress themed “Support That Enables Sports and Athletes to Excel - From the Starting Line to the Podium” was successfully held from 17 to 18 March 2023 at the HKSI.

The Congress has invited 17 speakers, about 120 participants and their stakeholders coming from Australia, Bahrain, Cambodia, Mainland China, Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand and Hong Kong to share the latest development of elite sports in their cities or countries and the challenges they have encountered. The 2023 Congress served as a platform for policy-makers and administrators, sports scientists, coaches, athletes and educators who are interested in enhancing the future of Asian sports to communicate and exchange ideas on their successful experiences in scientific high performance training.

The HKSI Acting Chief Executive Mr Tony Choi MH welcomed the distinguished experts and guests from mainland China and overseas at the Opening Ceremony. “This year’s Congress is exceptionally meaningful as it is the first in-person international event organised by the HKSI in the post-pandemic era. I believe that the Congress has provided a platform for all participants to exchange views on the recent development in sports,” Mr Choi said.

Dr Takahiro Waku, Chairman of the ASIA, delivered the welcome remarks saying “Some major international sports events, such as the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, have been hosted in the Asian region in past few years, and there will be more to come in coming years, such as the 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon, South Korea. The world is paying attention to Asia, and all the Asian countries and regions should therefore collaborate and be united.” He hoped that the Congress will bring new insights and experiences for all participating countries and regions and will be beneficial for the development of high performance sports in Asia.

The Congress rolled out a list of topics from sports technology and environment, including managing data in high performance sport system and using data analytics to prevent injury, to athletes’ support for upcoming sports events such as the Asian Games in Hangzhou and the Olympics Games in Paris.

At the Closing Ceremony, the HKSI Director of Elite Training Science & Technology Dr Raymond So expressed his appreciation to all the speakers, guests and participants. He said, “The aim of the HKSI is to provide centralised and integrated support systems targeting all aspects of the athletes and we value the opportunities for international exchange and collaboration with sports professionals from overseas and mainland China.” He also expressed his gratitude to all speakers for their time and efforts contributed to the Congress and he looked forward to meeting everyone at the next ASIA Congress.

The Association of Sports Institutes in Asia (ASIA) is a non-profit-making and non-government organisation founded in collaboration with the HKSI, Sport Singapore, Japan Sport Council and Aspire Academy from Qatar, on 25 February 2015. It is a representative body of various high performance sports institutes in Asia to create networks to develop sports in Asia. There are currently 21 member organisations from 16 countries/regions in Asia.

The ASIA has hosted their Congress annually since 2016. The past Congresses were held in Tokyo (2016), Hong Kong (2017), Singapore (2018), Doha (2019) and online by Japan (2021).

To know more about the ASIA, please visit: