29 January 2020

Special Announcement

To tie in with the response level under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" being raised to Emergency Response Level and avoid people from gathering, the Hong Kong Sports Institute will temporarily suspend all the Community Sports Programme until further notice. Refund will be arranged for those people who enrolled in Batch 120 and A20WJ. Please visit our website for the latest information about the Community Sports Programme.

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Fencers Made History at U23 Asian Champs

31 October 2017

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Hong Kong fencers made a successful campaign with a historic medal count of 13 at the 2017 Asian U23 Fencing Championships.

Competition Event Athletes Position
2017 Asian U23 Fencing Championships
(Hanoi, Vietnam)
Men's Foil Individual Cheung Ka-long 1st
Men's Foil Team Cheung Ka-long
Choi Chun-yin Ryan
Lee Ka-fung
O Chun-yee
Men's Epee Individual Ho Sze-hou 2nd
Men's Foil Individual Choi Chun-yin Ryan 2nd
Women’s Epee Team Chu Ka-mong
Ho Tik-lam
Hsieh Kaylin Sin-yan
Yang Chi-ya
Men's Epee Individual  Ng Ho-tin 3rd
Men's Epee Team Ho Sze-hou
Ng Ho-tin
Wong Tsz-ho
Yau Shun-him Himson
Men's Sabre Team Chan Cheuk-him
Iam Jethro Chung-yin
Lee Chak-fung
Tsang Tsz-hin
Women's Epee Individual Ho Tik-lam 3rd
Women's Foil Individual  Kimberley Vanessa Cheung 3rd
Women's Sabre Individual Man Ngai-see Moriah 3rd
Women's Foil Team Cheng Hiu-lam
Cheng Hiu-wai Valerie
Kimberley Vanessa Cheung
Areta Lee
Women's Sabre Team   Chan Yin-fei
Ho Chau-yu
Lau Wing-yi
Man Ngai-see Moriah