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Individual Athletes Support Scheme (IASS)

Athletes of Olympic Games or Asian Games Sports (Except Tier A Sports) and secondary disciplines of Tier A Sports who meet the funding criteria will be provided with a programme funding via their respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) to support their additional elite training needs.

  1. Pre-requisite: Asian Games and/or Olympic Games Sports

  2. Funding Criteria
    1. Athletes must have achieved at least 3 points or more under the Elite Vote Scoring Table. Selection is based on past performance and their potential to achieve outstanding results in the near future. 
    2. Consideration for selection and funding is based on:
      • performance of the applicant in the previous two years;
      • commitment to intensive training and competitions (for part time athlete: a minimum of 15 hours of training per week is required; for full time athlete: a minimum of 25 hours of training per week is required);

  3. Support Provided under IASS
    1. Successful applicants will be granted "Sports Scholarship Athlete" status of the HKSI and entitled to the following support:
      • receive the Elite Training Grant under the Direct Financial Support Schemes
      • use of facilities available at HKSI;
      • sports science/medicine, strength and conditioning and other scientific support;
      • education and career counseling; and
      • accident, travel and medical insurance.

    2. Based on individual needs, a programme funding of up to a maximum of $135,000 for each senior athlete and $90,000 for each junior athlete will be provided, while the maximum funding per sport is $1.5 million per year. Funding will be provided to the respective NSA to cover the costs on:
      • coaching expenses (for short-term/part-time coaches);
      • local and overseas training expenses; and
      • purchase of sports equipment.
    3. There should be no duplication of funding from other public funding including HKSI's Tier B Sports funding  / LCSD funding / HAB funding / SF&OC funding / others.


Applications should be submitted by respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) who are also responsible for monitoring and reporting on the usage of the funding and performance of the athletes.


High Performance Administration Department

Hong Kong Sports Institute
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Hong Kong

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