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Details of Sports Aid Grant (SAG)

The Sports Aid Grant (SAG) provides direct financial support to elite athletes of non-Elite Vote-Supported Sports not under the Individual Athletes Support Scheme and elite athletes of Elite Sports (Tier A) not under the HKSI Sports Scholarship Scheme.


Athletes of National Sports Associations (NSAs) who have resided in Hong Kong for at least three years and hold a Hong Kong Identity Card are eligible for application.

Applicants must have proven capability and achievement in sports competitions, and can maintain or improve their performance in the next 12 to 18 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Both previous achievements and potential for future success of the athletes as well as recommendations from coaching supervisors and NSAs will be taken into considerations.

In sports where there are competitions for both individuals and teams/combinations, results in both will be considered for assessment.

Amount and Duration of the Grants

The actual grants will be assessed based on the achievements and future potential of the athletes. Grants will be provided for a period of up to 12 months from April to next March.

Conditions of the Grants

Athletes are required to continue training and competing with full dedication and commitment throughout the grant period.

Athletes receiving the grants will be required to sign an agreement with the HKSI, on the proper use of these grants; and to designate a Coaching Supervisor endorsed by the NSA. In the case of change of Coaching Supervisor, the NSA is required to inform the HKSI who is responsible for the supervision of granted athletes.

The Coaching Supervisor is responsible for monitoring the training programmes and progress of the athletes. An interim report and a year-end report regarding the commitment of the athletes in training and how well the agreed targets have been met are required to be submitted to the HKSI.

The Coaching Supervisor and NSA should inform the HKSI on retirement of any granted athletes from the squad, and may also advise the HKSI of granted athletes whose grants should be suspended or forfeited due to unsatisfactory performance or any other reasons.

Payment Schedule

Grants will normally be paid directly to athletes, except where such direct payments clearly infringe the regulations of the NSA or the relevant international governing body of that sport. In such circumstances, grants will be paid to the athlete through the respective NSA.

Grants will be paid on in four installments, ie April, July, October and next January.

Cessation of Grants

Non-conformity with the submitted training schedule and competition plan without valid reasons or breach of terms in the agreement may result in cessation of grants, a refund in whole or in part of the payment may be required.

Application Procedure

Applications are assessed once a year and the results will be announced in April.

All applications must be endorsed by the respective Coaching Supervisors and the NSAs.


High Performance Administration Department

Hong Kong Sports Institute
25 Yuen Wo Road 
Sha Tin, N.T.
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2681 6359

Fax: (852) 2504 3821



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