29 January 2020

Special Announcement

To tie in with the response level under the "Preparedness and Response Plan for Novel Infectious Disease of Public Health Significance" being raised to Emergency Response Level and avoid people from gathering, the Hong Kong Sports Institute will temporarily suspend all the Community Sports Programme until further notice. Refund will be arranged for those people who enrolled in Batch 120 and A20WJ. Please visit our website for the latest information about the Community Sports Programme.

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Benefit of Pre-participation Screening Apart from Fighting Sudden Cardiac Death

By Professor Josef Niebauer

Pre-participation screening is important in order to minimize the occurrence of sudden cardiac death in competitive athletes. Nevertheless, several questions remain: is family history, physical examination and an ECG all an athlete needs? What about echocardiography, exercise testing with continuous recording of ECG and blood pressure? And what about weekend warriors, “competitive non-athletes” who sign up for events they're not prepared for? Who screens them? Who is there to advise them on how to exercise safely and efficiently? Answers to these and other question will be given and discussed.

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