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How can Chinese manual therapy help you - Ten examples

By Mr. Xu Zheng Zheng

Using ten typical cases of manual therapy used in Mainland China and Hong Kong, the presentation summarizes the underlying theory, diagnostic process, treatment modality and outcomes of Chinese manual therapy. It introduces how the contemporary Western medical theory is incorporated with the traditional Chinese medical experience. The result is group of unique and professional medical personnel who can perform independent diagnosis, apply various treatment modalities, and play multiple roles in the sporting teams. In the process of learning from the effective treatment experience all over the world, the theory and practice of Chinese medicine (Yin-Yang, Induce-Reduce) is further integrated with the modern scientific concepts (acute-chronic, force, frequency, duration, stimulation-suppression). This not only promotes the theory and outcomes of Chinese traditional medicine, but also formulates the East-meets-West, modern-integrates-traditional comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation system. The presentation also shares successful and failure experiences and examples which will help the athletes to choose the right treatment and rehabilitation modality to suit the special injury, timing and the need to coordinate rehabilitation and competition schedule.

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