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Sports Scholarship Scheme

The backbone of the HKSI’s Elite Training System is the Sports Scholarship Scheme, which provides a comprehensive support system for high performance athletes searching for international success.

We believe that athletes can train full-time and succeed at the highest level, without sacrificing their academic development. During their time with us, athletes will develop the skills and physical qualities to excel at their sport, and also build the self-esteem, leadership talents, cooperation and teamwork that will not only add to their sporting capabilities, but also help them to excel in life and society, in their post-athletic life.

Collaborative Approach to Support HKSI Scholarship Athletes


The Scheme supports outstanding athletes in Tier A sports , and sports supported under the Individual Athletes Support Scheme, as well as athletes with disabilities. Currently, over 1,000 athletes under the recommendations of their respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) and meet the specific funding criteria, are supported under the Scheme:

Elite Athletes

Successful applicants of Elite Training Grant and Elite Training Grant for Athletes with Disabilities are supported under the Scheme, awarded with different categories ranging from Elite A+ to Senior Squad.

Junior Athletes

Successful applicants of Elite Training Grant are supported under the Scheme, awarded with different categories ranging from Junior A to Junior Squad.

Potential Athletes (For Tier A Sports Only)

Athletes with sports talent and potential recommended by NSAs can receive local training support at the HKSI.

Introduction to Athlete Support & Development (Simple Version)