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Elite Training Seminar Series

The Elite Training Seminar (ETS) Series provides an interactive platform for sharing information and experience among all stakeholders. The aim of the ETS is to facilitate mutual understanding and effective cooperation among support service professionals in elite sport. The ultimate goal is to maximise state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary support for Hong Kong athletes to achieve excellence in sport.

All stakeholders involved in elite training are welcome to participate in the seminar (e.g. coaches, athletes, sport science and medicine professionals, NSA's, sport administrators, academics and students).

Speaker(s) will be invited to present on a predetermined topic providing a basis for further discussion. The presentations may introduce services provided for elite training, highlights of current problems in a particular field, updates of research findings and possible applications, etc. The presentation will then be followed by discussion among all participants in the seminar. The seminars will be held from 12:30 - 1:30 and light refreshment will be provided to the participants.

Date Topic Presenter
18/10/2023 Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The 'New Fuel Gauge' for Athletes? Mr. Gabriel Pun
17/12/2019 Supplementation research at Massey University Dr. Ajmol Ali
22/08/2019 What is mental fitness? Mr. Jiang Xiaobo
18/04/2019 Using weightlifting derivatives to develop the force-velocity curve in non-weightlifters Mr. David Meechan
12/03/2019 Innovative Technologies in Elite Sport & Application of Sports Science Technology to Enhance Sports Performance Mr. Angus Lam & Ms. Lo Ka Kay
12/02/2019 Training the Gut Mrs. Lisa Tarquini
06/02/2018 Latest updates on the Anti-Doping Programme Ms. Michelle Tao
09/01/2018 Overview of the Australian Institute of Sport European Training Centre Mr. Warwick Forbes
21/11/2017 The Importance of Sleep in Athletes Ms. Kate Bridle
06/09/2017 Injuries Prevention for the French National Swimmers Dr. Sebastien Le Garrec
17/08/2017 Let The Data Tell The Story Mr. Angus Lam
13/07/2017 Caffeine, exercise and genetics Dr. Ajmol Ali
01/06/2017 Understanding energy contributions in cycling Dr. Hedda Giorgi
07/12/2016 Use of Music and Other Strategies to Support Elite Performance Prof. Dr. Peter Terry
02/11/2016 Nitrate supplementation for sports performance Dr. Ajmol Ali
06/10/2016 Mental toughness: Sounds great, but how do I develop it? Dr. Daniel Gucciardi
30/03/2016 Compression Garment Enhancing Well-trained Athlete’s Performance? Mr Daniel Chi Wo Lee
06/10/2015 The Use of Cycle Ergometers for Power and Endurance Development Mr. Eddie Fletcher
24/09/2015 Body composition assessment issues in athletes Dr. Duncan Macfarlane
27/07/2015 Hydration and Electrolyte Loss During Exercise Dr. John O’Reilly
24/06/2015 Implementation of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code Ms Winter Wong
22/01/2015 Sleep for Recovery and Performance in Elite Athletes Mr Richard Swinbourne
30/10/2014 The Role of the Strength Coach Mr Patrick Cullen-Carroll
15/10/2014 Benefit of Pre-participation Screening Apart from Fighting Sudden Cardiac Death Professor Josef Niebauer
21/08/2014 Athlete's winning track Mr Daniel Chi Wo Lee
16/07/2014 Breathe Your Stress Out Ms Angela Hau
14/05/2014 Concussion Update Dr David Owens and Ms Lucy Clarke
28/03/2014 Training and Competition in the Heat Dr Jie Xiu Zhao
07/03/2014 Long term athletic development – training the young athlete Mr Patrick Cullen-Carroll
19/02/2014 Excellence Mr Bill Sweetenham
13/12/2013 Are you a fully functioning person? Ms Polina Cheng
08/11/2013 Diagnosis and Pain Management in Athletes Dr Li Ching Fan
30/07/2013 Understanding Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety Dr Lee Hing Chu
06/06/2013 Resistance Training and Nutrition Dr Parco Siu
25/03/2013 How could athlete support personnel contribute to the anti-doping movement? Dr Yvonne Yuan
08/03/2013 A model of Talent Identification Program in Japan Mr. Takashi Katsuta
Mr. Takahiro Waku
12/12/2012 The Use of Psychology in Sports Professor Zhu Xuelei
30/10/2012 Youth Talent Identification of the US Track & Field Athletes Dr Matt Lydum
19/09/2012 Effective Sports Marketing Mr. Kenneth Lau
20/08/2012 Hydration and Exercise Performance Dr Wong Heung Sang
21/06/2012 Asthma and its relationship with exercise and management of athletes with asthma Dr. Tam Yat Cheung, Alfred
06/06/2012 Updates on the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Programme Dr. Yvonne Yuan
09/03/2012 Endurance Exercise and the Heart -- Insights from the Marathon Runners Dr. Gary Mak
09/02/2012 Impress at First Sight Mrs. May Mok
23/12/2011 The Chinese Swim Team's Preparation for the London Olympics Mr. Yao Zhengjie
18/10/2011 Be a Smart Parent: How to effectively cultivate your relationship with your Child? - Part II Dr. Adrian Tong
27/09/2011 Be a Smart Parent: How to effectively cultivate your relationship with your Child? Dr. Adrian Tong
06/07/2011 Updates on Biomechanics Service for Top Level Swimming Development in AIS Dr. Bruce Mason
03/06/2011 Biomedical Engineering in Sports Science Professor Carmen Poon
19/05/2011 Update on Dental Injuries and its Management Dr. Danny Low
08/03/2011 Hong Kong Anti-Doping Programme Dr. Yvonne Yuan
16/02/2011 Dealing with Different Cultures: Practitioners and Athletes / Clients Dr. Stephanie J. Hanrahan
26/01/2011 Exercise and Vision - Prevention and Management of Eye Injury Dr. Jeff Pong
01/12/2010 General Introduction to the Swedish Sport Model and the Influence of Sports Marketing Dr. Karin Book
05/11/2010 Nutritional intake during La Ultra - The High: Plans, Mistakes and Learnings Dr. Rajat Chauhan
26/10/2010 How to communicate with athletes with intellectual disability / Autism? Mrs. Cecilia Wong
16/08/2010 Neuromuscular training for sport-related lower-limb injury prevention Dr. Daniel Tik Pui Fong
03/08/2010 Sports Medicine and Sports Science in Qatar Mr. Chi Kei Li
11/06/2010 Long Term Development and Coaching of Athletes Mr. Jim Fowlie
09/06/2010 Biomechanics Service for Top Level Swimming Development: the AIS Model Dr. Bruce Mason
24/11/2009 Concentration training and inattentional blindness in sports Prof. Jin H Yan
04/11/2009 Common orthopedic problems in children and adolescents related to exercise Dr. Bobby Ng
07/10/2009 The Changing Role of the Team Physician 1986-2009 Dr. Julian W Chang
23/09/2009 Updates on the Latest Developments of Anti-Doping Dr.Yvonne Yuan
12/09/2009 Taking Strength and Conditioning to the Next Level Mr. Hui Fai Fong
Mr. Michael Tse
Mr. Ricardo Emmanuel S. Tianco
Ms. Genevieve A. Serrano
Ms. Chin Lee Chuen
Mr. Chan Chun Kwan, Hardaway
Mr. Marc Edward Velasc
Mr. Chew San Liang, Sonny
24/08/2009 Gastroenterology and Exercise Professor Henry LY Chan
21/07/2009 Sports Education and Sports Career Development in Hong Kong Dr. Louie Hung-tak, Lobo
22/04/2009 Common cardiovascular issues in athletes - from pre-participation screening to CV emergency management Dr. Gary Mak
03/03/2009 Ear, nose and throat disorders in relation to sports Dr. Wai Heung On, Jonathan
10/02/2009 Stress Fracture in Athletes Dr. YUNG Shu-Hang Patrick
14/01/2009 Air Pollution and Elite Athletes Dr PS Wong
04/12/2008 Caffeine Update Mr Frankie Siu
20/11/2008 Scientific training and the integration of sports science and medicine in preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games Mr Miles Forbes Thomas
30/10/2008 Taping in Sports Physiotherapy Management Mr Arthur Lee
21/10/2008 A Best Practice Model at the Australian Institute of Sport Dr. Michael Martin
30/09/2008 Trunk conditioning and performance Dr. Alison McManus & Mr. Michael Tse
05/08/2008 Expertise in sport: Human adaptations to practice and instruction Prof. Mark Williams
15/07/2008 Zheng's Traumatology - Treatment, medicine formulae, and application in sports injury Mr. Liao Yuanpeng
13/05/2008 Personal Development of Athletes Ms. Regina Chan
20/03/2008 Compliance to the World Anti-Doping Program - A status evaluation of national sport organizations in Hong Kong Dr. Yvonne Yuan
21/02/2008 Fatigue analysis in Sports Activities - Application in performance and injury prevention Mr. Raymond So
30/01/2008 Training Methods for Strength and Conditioning Strength and Conditioning Department
18/12/2007 High-intensity Interval Training - Performance and Iron Status in Athletes Dr. John Wilkinson
27/11/2007 Psychological Intervention on Pacing Strategy Dr. Si Gangyan
16/08/2007 Application of 'SPORTSCODE' in elite training Mr. Cheung Pak Ming
22/05/2007 Preventing Burnout in Elite Athletes: Research Evidence and Suggestions for Coaches and Other Sport Practitioners Dr. Chris Lonsdale
12/02/2007 Practical Considerations When Working With Athletes With Physical Disabilities Dr. Stephanie Hanrahan
06/11/2006 The Hong Kong Sports Institute Doping Control Program - Past, Present, and Future Dr. Yvonne Yuan
27/09/2006 Player Welfare Industry in Australia in 2006 Ms Sonia Francis
06/09/2006 Improving sport performance through multidisciplinary sport science research at the Queensland Academy of Sport Dr. Sue Hooper
12/07/2006 Power output and muscle strength requirements of elite cycling Mr. Zhang Bai Ming
27/06/2006 Scientific support to elite sport - a multi-disciplinary, biopsychosocial paradigm Dr. Trisha Leahy and Mr. Raymond So
21/03/2006 Medical Screening, formality? - The inside story Dr. P.S. Wong
21/12/2005 The role of sports administrator in elite sport Ms. Cindy Leung
21/09/2005 The Application of Heart Rate Variability in Monitoring Athlete Fatigue Ms. Tse Yuen Mei
18/08/2005 Injury prevention! Injury prevention? Dr. Romy Chan
22/06/2005 The Applications of Biofeedback in Sport: Interactions Between the Mind and Body Ms. Polina Cheng
18/05/2005 Systematic Rowing Talent Identification Programme Mr. Sam Wong and Mr. Alex Lo
19/04/2005 Career and education support to athletes Ms. Amy Chan
27/01/2005 Emotion regulation in sports Dr. Lee Hing Chu
23/12/2004 The role of Sports Information in the Hong Kong sporting community Ms. Jeannette Ma
25/11/2004 Latest developments in sport biochemistry servicing Dr. Yvonne Yuan
02/11/2004 Pulmonary muscle training Mr. Raymond So
12/10/2004 Sports Biomechanics research and servicing in elite sports Mr. Cheung Pak Ming
13/07/2004 Nutritional supplements - Myth vs. Fact Ms. Susan Chung
24/06/2004 Application of video capture in training Mr. Sam Wong
17/03/2004 Adversity Coping Dr. Gangyan Si
04/03/2004 Sports Massage Services in Elite Sport-Past,present and future Mr. Albert Yeung and Mr. Roy Chan
20/01/2004 Gimmicks or Reality Mr. Ricky Tianco and Mr. Michael Tse
16/12/2003 The international doping control system - An update Dr. Yvonne Yuan
02/12/2003 How can Chinese manual therapy help you - Ten examples Mr. Xu Zheng Zheng
04/11/2003 The role of sports physiotherapy in the elite training system Dr. Romy Chan

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